The truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide

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Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

You can feel confident in knowing that the information within this article is sound. However, do you know about food grade hydrogen peroxide? Watch my video or read the transcription below to learn about the basics, benefits, and uses of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a naturally acidic compound that has two hydrogens and two oxygens. It is stable in an acidic environment, and it releases and decomposes into oxygen gas inside the body.

Most people are familiar with three-percent hydrogen peroxide — the concentration typically found at the drugstore — and use it to clean wounds.

Three-percent hydrogen peroxide is the variety you've seen at your grocery store, and I don't recommend taking it internally.

Hydrogen peroxide, key material for chips, can be produced cheaply and easily: IBS

Thirty-five percent hydrogen peroxide is less commonly found on store shelves but is available online. Three-percent hydrogen peroxide typically contains stabilizers like tetrasodium phosphate, sodium stannate, acetanilide, and phenol — none of which are good for you. However, it is caustic, and you still need to be careful with it. Regardless of the strength, you should never drink any undiluted hydrogen peroxide — even if it's food grade.

Also, you should not ingest large quantities of any hydrogen peroxide. So, whenever you have high levels of oxidants in your body, food grade hydrogen peroxide bonds to them to activate enzyme systems and stimulate oxygenation and detoxification. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is healing, but it's also a good idea to follow up with antioxidants when using it.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: Top Uses, Benefits, & More

Some natural health practitioners use hydrogen peroxide or ozone therapies, then wait a couple of hours and administer high doses of vitamin C — a potent antioxidant vitamin C is just one type of supplemental antioxidant that can be used. The oxygen grabs on to the positively charged toxins and harmful organisms. Drinking purified water and taking antioxidants helps to cleanse the body. To help soothe the irritation those things cause, I use a hydrogen peroxide sinus rinse.

I mix six drops of percent food grade hydrogen peroxide in about four ounces of water.Most hydrogen peroxide is manufactured for industrial usage and is not fit for consumption or contact with skin. Unfortunately, you can not taste or smell a difference. Anyone can have a professional looking website and print a product label. But what is really in that bottle? We supply hundreds of retail health stores, laboratories, corporations, government agencies and are the highest volume supplier to consumers.

There has been an alarming increase is people selling diluted industrial grades of hydrogen peroxide online and this is reason for deep concern. These industrial grades of peroxide contain health destroying stabilizers and chemicals that are odor and taste free.

Hydrogen peroxide users should only buy from known sources.

the truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide

Pure Health Discounts is one of these. They has been in business for decades and is one of the most respected in the alternative health industry. Mary Wright.

This is their motive - virtually a pure profit. All but 2 did not have "food grade" hydrogen peroxide in the bottle. Who is doing these online marketing deceptions? People in their apartments, college students in dorm rooms, garages and kitchens.

People looking of fast money anyway possible. People who believe they are really clever and willing to do anything to get a dollar. Anyone can make a professional looking website or put a listing online, print professionally looking labels and buy empty bottles and caps.

It is virtually free money. Some just put up a listing on Amazon or EBay. Others will make be a huge website with dozens of links to YouTube videos, cut and paste studies, write a free online self-written book and overall portray himself as an expert. Rowen's Second Opinion NewsletterDr. David G. There are only half a dozen manufacturers in the U. It must meet exact U. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can not be homemade or produced by a small company.

Since skin is porous, it also means it is safe for your skin in terms of not having toxins. Most hydrogen peroxide is made for industrial usage. To maximize self life, minimize production costs and to met various industrial needs, they contain very dangerous heavy metals and other harmful substances and stabilizers that can be stored permanently in your fatty tissue and cause long term health devastation. Unfortunately, you can not taste or smell the difference.

You can not smell or taste the difference. The home-based sellers know this. Many of those industrial grades have heavy metals that are very long term health destructive and cause cancers, brain damage, and many other damages to a person's health as they are lethal additives for industrial usage only and NEVER for human consumption or contact. We do not like issuing warnings as they are a distraction from our website and information. Most people do understand that diluted products are actually far more expensive and suspect in general on quality.

Most people knowledgeable of healthcare products know not to buy from unknown online sellers.Food grade hydrogen peroxide offers numerous health benefits and uses. It fights infection, eliminates toxins, cures bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes germs. Hydrogen peroxide in almost any form is considered an effective home remedy.

However, not all grades of the substance are the same. Hydrogen peroxide is a substance comprised of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms or H2O2. This arrangement makes the substance highly reactive and easily broken down.

The breakdown of the substance forms water and oxygen. For example, electrical grade hydrogen peroxide actually includes chemical stabilizers to prevent it from decomposing. As such, the only grade of the substance that should be used for home or personal use is food grade. H2O2 is an effective, natural disinfectant. As the substance is utilized it oxidizes, eliminating toxins and any other pathogens in the body.

With that, the substance delivers a number of benefits. With as many benefits as it has, H2O2 can be used in a number of ways for supporting health. While hydrogen peroxide is a safe, natural treatment, food grade peroxide must be diluted prior to use. Otherwise, it could cause significant health concerns. Whether you are looking to treat a skin issue or to simply detox your body, hydrogen peroxide is an appropriate choice that can naturally cleanse and eliminate infection.

Let us know how it worked for you and if you experienced any side effects from food grade peroxide. If like me you have to get up in the night, prepare a dose in advance and drink it then. I thought it might prevent me from going back to sleep, but happily it didn't. Are you doing intermittent fasting? I eat only in one hour window now per day.

So much clarity and energy in life. There are a lot of interesting information posted. Just wanted to know if this hydrogen peroxide product will take care of fibroid, blocked fallopian tubes and help with IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Serrapeptase enzyme takes care of fibroid, blocked fallopian tubes, I cant confirm IBS but it did help with my gastro issues.

My tummy went down inches just in a month of taking it. For me, it is like drinking water. In the bottle I pour only maximum 20 small drops because my dripping thing I'd thin and that's all I do. I feel other benefits as well, stomach ease, breath ease, light head, etc.

I mention that I have my first meal one hour later after I drunk it. If you want to take it 3 times a day, for safety, I will eat three hours later. I do not inhale anything yet to cure my sinuses expecting a cure in time due to the regular taking in as written above.

the truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide

It is efficient, inexpensive and not stressful. Now, for my sisters's tendonitis and arthritis and cholesterol and heart, I encourage her to start this and I am sure she will be healthy again, that much trust I put in the peroxide.

We all suffer of oxygen depletion. I have observed mountain people who live in more oxygenised environment, big difference!Disinfect and Sanitze your home without harsh chemicals and harmful residue. There are no fragrances or chemicals added to Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. It is simply Oxygen and Water. Everyone should have Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide on hand. It is an essential, versatile product for home, health and garden.

No tricks or gimmicks here. We provide the quality you demand with the honesty you deserve. This article tells you the secret tricks of the fraudulent Hydrogen Peroxide trade and how to avoid them. Our customers mean the world to us. The products and statements on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

The FDA warns consumers against drinking high strength hydrogen peroxide. Always read labels, warnings and directions before use. Close search. Pure and Natural Disinfect and Sanitze your home without harsh chemicals and harmful residue. Featured collection. From our YouTube Channel. Don't be Scammed, Be Informed! Modern Alchemy! Bringing you tried and true natural solutions for a healthy body, mind and home.Many people do believe that it is beneficial to put food grade hydrogen peroxide into their pet's drinking water in small amounts.

Give your pet the option. Provide them with plain water and also provide them with another, separate bowl of water with a small amount of food grade hydrogen peroxide in the water.

Let them choose. They know what is best for them. Please be careful with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Please be careful using it, and please be very careful about where you get your information about it. We have researched hydrogen peroxide extensively. We have read just about every word of every book and every website dealing with hydrogen peroxide.

There is a lot of good information out there, but there is also a lot of very, very bad information out there as well. We guarantee that you will not find a more complete and accurate source of information regarding food grade hydrogen peroxide anywhere else in the world.

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the truth about food grade hydrogen peroxide

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