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Aran Goyoaga is a freelance food writer, stylist, and photographer based in this gray city of ours. From beautiful people to beautiful landscapes and more, his inspired feed has it all. This on-the-go lady captures candid moments while out on the road managing tours for huge acts like St.

Vincent, The Decemberists, and more. Being a photographer as well, her line of work lends itself to beautiful and intimate glimpses into the world of the people around her, as well as her own. With a mind bogglingfollowers, this Seattle based photographer has expertly captured images for the likes of GE and more. Tyson Edwards' dreamy take on the Northwest makes us prouder than ever to be Washingtonians now only if we weren't called "Wasingtonians".

Keep up with the queen of the Seattle bar scene, Linda Derschang, with all things food and booze, plus her admittedly adorable dog. Her feed will make you wanna say "prolific Seattle bar owners, they're just like us!

Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Share on Facebook Pin it. Is there really a debate about this?! Want More? Like Us.Which sounds pretty cool until one of them spills a drink.

Which sounds like a fine idea, but in Seattle, it flopped. Although apparently not misogynistic enough to support a topless female coffee bar, Seattle is still capitalistic enough for the owners to think that swapping the overall theme might be more successful. So they reopened the stand as Dreamboyz Espresso. A post shared by dreamboyzespresso on Sep 13, at am PDT. I've never seen anything like it and I was like yeah, hell yeah this is Capitol Hill.

Bring it on. Even the teriyaki restaurant that shares a parking lot with Dreamboyz says the old stand got nothing but complaints, but so far Dreamboyz is the talk of the town. Folks are taking note and taking pics with their smartphones.

Come show them some luv! Sean honestly believes he hasn't really traveled enough. He's been across the Pacific to Thailand and Cambodia, various locations in the US, and from one coast of Canada to the other, but much of the world has eluded him. Europe and Australia are two definite locations to visit, along with Disney World. He just doesn't see what all the hubbub for Disney is all about. They say that technology allows you to write from anywhere these days, but really that's a lie.

You ever tried to write something in degree heat? It's insane. As for writing chops, he's written for TheRichest. Catch more of Sean on his Twitter seanmurray And things have apparently gotten much hotter. View this post on Instagram. Share Tweet Email Comment Share. Related Topics Destinations. About The Author Sean honestly believes he hasn't really traveled enough.I have passed several days in Seattle in October and I had my breakfast here every day.

Nice place, Nice people, nice time. As an Aussie, the coffee in the US is not generally great imho. Tried Storyville after a recommendation by a colleague. The coffee was awesome as were the staff and atmosphere! The breakfast sandwich is also highly recommended! Really good latte with pretty design on top of course and a good almond croissant. It was nice to sit by the fireplace as it was chilly and rainy that morning. Had a little bit of a hard time finding it but it was worth Really great coffee and a pleasant seating area is a good respite from the tourist crowds below.

Recommended relaxation stop when showing out of town guests around the market. I was excited to try this locals place for a cozy cup and a great breakfast. Enjoy some local vibes, great people or yeah and coffee. We love to come here and rest after sightseeing and walking all over the town. Quick and efficient service, and yes - they do make you a decaf drip not like other places.

We didn't have a pastry this time, but it seemed they were Visited twice while in Seattle. Was a stand out among the many Seattle cafes that I visited while in town. Recommend their coconut latte and also their salt caramel chocolate bites! Latte was excellent. Highly recommend the person at register start writing down orders as ours was not correct when it came out. I received a side of fruit without my yogurt and granola they corrected this.

The cinnamon roll I got was rock hard so Superb coffee shop. Excellent service. Amazing venue! A group of us Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivors climbed the steps to this nice out of the way coffee stop. We all had great drinks and got super service from patient staff. And check it out, we got hearts in our lattes. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Storyville Coffee Pike Place, Seattle. See all restaurants in Seattle.

seattle coffee girl instagram

Storyville Coffee Pike Place Claimed. Closed Now: See all hours.At the Sweet Spot Cafe in the northern suburbs of Seattle, you get more than a foam topping on your cappucino. You get a waitress in a bikini, or maybe a tight-fitting T-shirt, and a choice of drinks with names such as Wet Dream with caramel and white chocolateSexual Mix a caramel macchiato or Erotic Pleasure. South of the city, in Tukwila, the baristas at Cowgirls Espresso wear sheer negligees and visible pink panties.

It's the same story in any number of other suburban bars and drive-through stands, like the Natte Latte in Port Orchard or Moka Girls in Auburn - bikinis, racy lingerie, fetish clothing, and plenty of suggestively exposed flesh. At Best Friend Espresso in Kenmore, at the northern end of Lake Washington, the outfits take their inspiration from Playboy-style sex fantasies.

The staff will go for the naughty schoolgirl look one week, then don black-framed glasses the next to look like sexy secretaries. Welcome to "sexpresso" - the latest coffee fad to hit America, in which the country's seemingly boundless fascination for Italian-style Java is combined with its equally boundless fascination for half-naked women.

Seattle may not be the first American city to come to mind when it comes to the pleasures of the flesh, but it is super-saturated with coffee stands, all of which are battling each other - and the mighty, locally based behemoth that is Starbucks - to give morning commuters an extra reason to stop off at their particular establishment. Ms Araujo brainstormed with her customers to come up with something new and different when she bought the cafe - then called Aurora Espresso - a couple of years ago.

Not only did her staff start removing clothing and giving suggestive new names to the drinks, they also started doing theme days - Tube Top Tuesdays, Wet T-Shirt Wednesdays and Fantasy Fridays.

The plastic coffee cups are indistinguishable in shape from those sold in any other coffee shop in north America. But they are decorated with the silhouette of a busty naked woman carrying a steaming mug of "Joe". The lid is sealed with a pink lipstick kiss. During the summer, when the persistent Seattle rain finally lifts and the Pacific Northwest enjoys a few months of real sunshine, The Sweet Spot organises bikini car washes and takes care to post the most suggestive photographs on its website.

This year, the cafe is planning a barista calendar. Coming with a theme for a coffee bar is nothing new in America. In Los Angeles, there are cafes where you can buy second-hand books, get cut-price legal advice, throw pots, or listen to really, really bad live music provided by local bands. Strangely, nobody until now has thought of combining coffee with sex. Ms Araujo and others say it has given an unmistakable boost to their businesses.

seattle coffee girl instagram

Their staff may only receive minimum wage, but the tips can be terrific. Some local puritans have expressed disquiet - and railed at The Seattle Times newspaper after it ran a feature on the sexpresso trend 10 days ago. But law enforcement officials say there is nothing illegal about wearing scanty clothing, so the trend is almost certain to keep spreading. Even Seattle, though, has its limits. Sexy underwear is all very well, but the city hardly has the climate of French Polynesia.

seattle coffee girl instagram

It's pretty cold up here. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

Start your Independent Premium subscription today.Instagram is growing everyday and now it's becoming an amazing platform for businesses and influencers alike to promote their businesses and themselves to succeed in their careers.

Instagram itself is it's own business now and you can easily succeed at becoming an Instagram influencer as long as you put in the work. There's tons of talent in Seattle that promotes the city and local ladies working hard for the 'gram!

Show them support and go give them a follow or a few likes on their stunning posts! She's a yoga teacher and is super passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle. She posts mostly fashion pictures but she also post pictures from her travels and lifestyle adventures! She posts tons of tutorials on her blog where you can recreate her looks! She posts gorgeous pictures of her foodie creations on her Instagram page and you can find the recipes on her blog.

Her photographs of her travels are honestly breathtaking! She posts lots of pictures from around Seattle as well as simple lifestyle shots. She has an adorable family that she features a lot on her page as well as fashion and other lifestyle shots! Her account is simplistic yet gorgeous!

Her page is mostly dedicated to her adorable fashion sense but also to classic lifestyle shots! She mixes feminine pieces with 'tom boy' style that's really pretty! She uses a drone to take amazing 'eye in the sky' photos that really display the beauty of Washington's nature. Her account isn't the typical wedding Instagram, her photos are super creative, unique and beautiful.

She travels a lot and always posts amazing pictures from where she goes. She creates books filled with her gorgeous pictures as well as prints and cavases available for purchase. Not only that but she also eats awesome food along the way and takes pictures of her meals as well! She posts tons of pictures of her outfits as well as her daily lifestyle and travels. She posts lots of city pictures as well as classic lifestyle shots. She'll inspire you to start hitting the gym and update your wardrobe!

She travels around the city trying all the coolest drinks and reviewing them on her page! She also posts tons of photos of her life around Seattle. She travels around and posts lots of pictures of her adventures as well as her life in Seattle.

She has an awesome sense of style that she highlights in all her pictures while using the city of Seattle as her backdrop. She offers tons of style tips as well. She keeps her theme focused on black and white backgrounds and outfits that's super aesthetically pleasing! She has a real mix of fashion posts, travel posts, and classic lifestyle posts that's definitely worth the follow!

She takes amazing photos of interiors around the city, food and coffee shots as well as nature photography. She really knows how to model her amazing clothes and show off major cities in the background.In Seattle, there are few things that can put a little extra pep in your step.

One is sunshine. The other is a good cup of coffee. And Seattle is pretty famous for those. And, no, we're not talking about any mega-chains that can be found elsewhere. In a city known for our classic shops and semi-underground coffee cart sceneit's all about finding the best spots in town for a perfectly crafted cuppa.

This list has you covered, from serious coffee cocktail nerdery to Filipino flavors. And because reading this will automatically make you a coffee connoisseur, pop on over to our rundown of the best roasters in the U. White Center Small, sweet, and scrupulous The sophomore effort from the owners of beloved Burien Press comes in the form of this simple shop dedicated to espresso drinks.

Barely bigger than a hallway, it pairs the warmth and coziness of its size with big windows and plenty of plants for alluring Instagram aesthetics.

Brewing Olympia Coffee Roasters beans, Moonshot's staff are among the best in town, making small talk as they expertly pull the shots. Along with the espresso standards, the menu offers seasonal mixed drink options, like the mapleine mocha and horchata cold brew latte, and pastries from Olympia's Left Bank Pastry.

International District Filipino-sourced coffee, infused with Filipino flavors After catapulting to local fame with the brilliant purple miniature ube cheesecakes served from her Ballard bakery, Chera Amlag expanded on her talent for weaving the Filipino flavors she grew up with into new culinary places. Along with her signature desserts and new savory treats like bitter melon quiche, the cafe serves coffee from Kalsada, which sources from the Philippines, and Fulcrum, which sources from around Asia.

House-made syrups inform the specialty drinks, including the calamansi espresso tonic and pandan latte. In the evenings, the same flavors show up in cocktails.

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Capitol Hill Coffee mixed drinks and espresso nerdery reach new heights on the Hill It can be easy to write off coffee mixed drinks as a fad tangential to the focus on beans and expert craftsmanship, but Ghost Note proves why that's a terrible idea.

All drinks here start with single-origin beans, with even the brewed coffee made on a modified espresso machine. The menu features bean options and tasting notes that would help both a newbie and a nerd find their favorite flavors. But the specialties of the house are on the following page, which features seasonal offerings like a flight of vegan drinking chocolate with espresso and signature drinks like the Sun Ship: espresso mixed with smoked grapefruit rosemary syrup, coconut water, lime, and sparkling water, served in a martini glass with torched rosemary.

Pioneer Square Seattle's signature blonde bombshell Blonde wood and big windows frame this trendy, open space in beautiful natural light. But even the just-twee-enough modern decor can't outshine the impeccably sourced beans roasted in-house here. Espresso is their strong suit, and the carefully pulled shots go perfectly with pastries from neighboring London Plane. The space displays coffee history while creating the coffee future through its rotating roaster program.

Each month, a new roaster from around the world takes up residence, serving as a cafe-within-a-cafe. The experience brings in beans, techniques, and coffee knowledge from around the world. And the soundtrack isn't bad either -- it's located inside the studios of Seattle's world-renowned KEXP radio station. Down-to-earth baristas understand every nuance of every bean and brewing method, and are happy to share that expertise with customers -- but they also read a customer well and know when to just hand over a cup of their best brew without much more than a smile.

Belltown Cutting-edge coffee and mixed coffee drinks When this SoDo roaster opened shop on Sixth, it channeled its seven years of coffee expertise, tasting, and teaching into the most coffee-forward cafe experience it could. That includes featuring some of their most interesting beans -- like the ones from the Yunnan province of China -- and also getting creative with their drinks. Sure, in the wide-windowed space you'll find perfectly-crafted pourovers, but also drinks like the nimbus: chilled espresso with mulled-apple-rosehip-cascara syrup and orange zest, shaken and charged with nitrogen for foaminess.

This is no ordinary coffee!

The shop always creates classic drinks and serves Portland's Heart Coffee, but it supplements that by rotating through two other roasters each month, from around the world Sweden, Ireland, Canada or the country Omaha, Delaware, South Carolina. They've also got wine, beer on tap, and even canned sparkling cocktails, in the cutest of cans.

Naomi Tomky is a Seattle-based writer who may or may not be on her third cup of coffee right now. She is definitely on twitter gastrognome. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email.

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Share on Facebook Pin it. Moonshot Coffee White Center Small, sweet, and scrupulous The sophomore effort from the owners of beloved Burien Press comes in the form of this simple shop dedicated to espresso drinks.

Hood Famous Bakeshop Cafe and Bar International District Filipino-sourced coffee, infused with Filipino flavors After catapulting to local fame with the brilliant purple miniature ube cheesecakes served from her Ballard bakery, Chera Amlag expanded on her talent for weaving the Filipino flavors she grew up with into new culinary places.Places to get great coffee in Pike Place.

Pike Place Market is the oldest and longest running open market place in the United States — and has plenty to offer both locals and tourists alike. This includes great places to enjoy a wonderful cup of Seattle coffee. The first Starbucks near Pike's Place Market. This is the location started it all — at least when it comes to serving retail coffee beverages.

Market Tours and Espresso. They provide entertaining local tours that can be enjoyed with locally roasted coffee. The large Seattle Coffee Works sign enjoys a cup of coffee as it towers over throngs of tourists headed to Pike's Place Market. Hear our podcast. Fonte Coffee is enjoyed more around the United States than Seattle, but it's worth a stop in.

This local roaster offers an assortment of coffee beverages, as well as wine. Cherry Street Coffee House. Address: 1st Avenue. Cherry Street Coffee offers you a great place to slip away and enjoy a great cup of coffee. You might not realize that you can get a great cup of coffee here, but in fact, you can.

Order downstairs and then take your cup upstairs to their larger seating area. Bacco Bistro is just up from Pike Place Market. Perfect for a sit down breakfast or lunch, Bacco Bistro is a sweet place to grab a coffee and people watch. Coffee, Tea, and Crumpets!

Crumpets and coffee are always a great combo. Address: 1st Avenue, Seattle. Address: 1st Ave, Seattle, WA Gelato and coffee is really hard to beat — and you can get both here. The amazing assortment of breads, tarts, croissants will be hard to resist! A prime spot to sit and people watch and enjoy Starbucks in Seattle. A perfect place to take a well deserved tourist break.

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