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The Republican nominee in the Illinois gubernatorial electionhe defeated Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn by Pritzker in a landslide. Bruce Rauner was born in Chicago and grew up in Deerfield, Illinois[4] a suburb 25 miles north of Chicago.

His first job was as a paperboy. Rauner graduated summa cum laude with a degree in economics from Dartmouth College.

5 Unreal Items Found in Dartmouth’s Rauner Special Collections Library

Rauner was the chairman of private equity firm GTCRwhere he had worked for more than 30 years, starting in after his graduation from Harvard [5] through his retirement in October InRauner opened an office for a self-financed venture firm, R8 Capital Partners. Rauner served as Chairman of Choose Chicago, the not-for-profit that is the city's convention and tourism bureau, [17] resigning in May[18] and as Chairman of the Chicago Public Education Fund. In MarchRauner formed an exploratory committee to look at a run for Governor of Illinois as a Republican.

Rauner won the March 18, Republican primary withvotes For the general election, Rauner was endorsed by the majority of Illinois newspapers, [30] including the Chicago Tribune[31] the Daily Herald[32] and the Chicago Sun-Times. During the general election, television ads aired regarding Rauner's role in a chain of long-term care homes owned by his companies that faced lawsuits stemming from the death and alleged mistreatment of residents.

Among the problems outlined in court cases, state records, and media reports were the deaths of developmentally disabled residents in bathtubs, "deplorable" living conditions, sexual assaults, and a failure by employees to stop residents from harming themselves. Also during the election, the media reported on a controversy regarding Rauner's daughter being admitted to Walter Payton Prep school in Chicago in through the "principal picks" process.

The family maintains several residences, including one in downtown Chicago that enabled her to apply to the Chicago-based school. Although she had top grades, she had missed several days of school and therefore did not qualify through the regular admissions process.

Rauner has said he had no recollection of speaking with Duncan directly. According to another source, she was not a "principal pick", but was let in following the phone call between Bruce Rauner and Arne Duncan. On October 22,Dave McKinney, a Chicago Sun-Times political reporter and bureau chief, resigned from the paper, citing pressure brought to bear on him by Sun-Times management with regard to his coverage of Rauner.

The piece, written by three reporters and approved by the newspaper's editors, described Rauner using "hardball tactics" to threaten Kirk and her family. Rauner carried every county in the state except for Cookhome to Chicago. On June 20,Rauner confirmed that he would run for a second term; [50] he formally announced his re-election campaign on October 23, In the November general election, Rauner lost to Democratic nominee J. Rauner was sworn in as Governor of Illinois on January 12, On February 9,Rauner signed an executive order blocking so called "fair share" union fees from state employee paychecks.

In April, Rauner also suspended funding for programs addressing domestic violence, homeless youth, autismand immigrant integration. Critics called these moves "morally reprehensible" and harmful to the state economy.

Rauner Special Collections Library

On June 30,just before the beginning of the next fiscal year, Rauner signed a temporary bipartisan stopgap budget that would allow public schools to continue operating for an additional year and for necessary state services to continue for 6 months.

In JulyRauner vetoed a budget that increased the state income tax from 3.Rauner Special Collection Library is, in a way, its own hidden gem. In honor of the hidden gems theme this week, I walked into Rauner and asked the librarians to show me a few of their favorite hidden gems.

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Here is what I found:. This is the first edition of the book, published inwhich Joseph Smith claims to have translated directly from the plates left in his yard by the angel Moroni. The book of hours is a Latin prayer book from 15th century France, likely used by a rich merchant or lower-level noble.

The book is a testament to the elegant detail and artistry of the time, as it is detailed with gold ink that is real gold. This book, like other prayer books, was a status symbol more than anything else, signifying literacy. The book of hours is filled with elaborate and unique artwork, bound blue in velvet, and the sections are separated by red satin. Rauner has boxes filled with personal correspondence from George Washington to Elezar Wheelock, Thomas Jefferson and more.

The paper pictured, however, is not a letter. Although the name may sound like these hats were a way of keeping warm in the cold New Hampshire winters, or perhaps of making a fashion statement, these caps had a slightly more sinister purpose: hazing. Freshmen at the College, from towore these hats to self-identify as freshmen, so upperclassmen knew whom to haze. If one was caught without their hat on, the hazing was exponentially worse. This practice was mostly aimed at faculty who had given students either an excessive workload or bad grades.

Gillen did so informally, in crayon. This Rauner gem is so hidden that neither librarian at Rauner was aware of its existence until I asked for it. This tiny block of cement was once a part of the wall separating East and West Germany. A piece of the Berlin Wall enclosed. Futures: Lost and Found.

Editors' Note. The Dartmouth: Through the Ages presents a curated collection of the newspaper's archives from to the present. The Berlin Wall This Rauner gem is so hidden that neither librarian at Rauner was aware of its existence until I asked for it.

Latest Print Edition. The Dartmouth's Archival Book The Dartmouth: Through the Ages presents a curated collection of the newspaper's archives from to the present. Order Yours Today Questions? Email publisher TheDartmouth.Dartmouth Digital Library Collections.

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All Collections Home Page. Advanced Search. Find results with: error div. Add another field. Search by date from after before on to. Searching collections: Dartmouth College Photographic Files.

Add or remove collections. Home Dartmouth College Photographic Files. Nichols, Ernest Fox, Inauguration. Aegis 1. Hanover Streets, South Main 3.

Tuck School People. Snow Sculpture Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital, Exterior 1. Hockey Players 1. Hockey Teams, Dartmouth String Quartet. Hockey Games 4, Winter Carnival Queens s. Winter Sports. Football Games Undated 3. Russell Sage Hall. Skiers Individuals 1. Track Teams s. Thayer Dining Hall.In the face of our ever-growing obsession with youth, it is good to know that the quest we are on is not new. The study of longevity is an old one, and here at Rauner we have a wonderful collection of books devoted to its exploration.

Our "Longevity Collection" came to us as a gift from Mrs.

rauner special collections library: 1/29/17

Raymond Pearl in memory of her husband who graduated from Dartmouth College in Raymond Pearl, a renowned biologist and statistician, who is considered to be the father of biogerontology, collected over books and pamphlets on the subject. Smeeten entitled Remarkable Aged Persons. Smeeten, a publisher, painstakingly hand-recorded most of the entries in these scrapbook-like bound volumes. The information he provides consists of birth and death dates, character sketches and causes of death.

Newspaper clippings of obituaries, sketches and articles, as well as drawings related to longevity, supplement the entries. Several of the texts in the "Longevity Collection" date back to the s while the oldest, De Triplici Vitaby Marsilio Ficino, was probably published in Many of the early texts are in Latin, but volumes in Italian, German and French are also represented.

Philosophical treatise on the subject of longevity, aging and death predominate this collection. However, a variety of clinical texts are also included. Despite his vast knowledge and research on the subject, Raymond Pearl was not able to prolong his own life. He died at the age of 61 of heart failure. Search the catalog to see all of the volumes in the Longevity Collection.

The volumes shown here can be requested by asking for Rauner Longevity QP Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Thank you! Previous page Page 1 … Page 26 Page Friday, April 3, Ordinary Memorabilia. The Peace Pavilion was to be the culminating point of the exhibition and was dedicated to the "support of propaganda in favour of Peace.

Situated directly across from one another, the two pavilions displayed each country's respective views on nationalism and politics through architectural motifs and created a visual preview of the coming world conflict.

Labels: 20th Century. Thursday, April 2, You Laugh. We recently acquired a small collection of Dartmouth's more recent history related to the introduction of coeducation in Elizabeth Epstein Kadin entered Dartmouth College induring a time when the College had not yet come to terms with this monumental change, and a sexist and hostile environment pervaded the campus.

In response, as part of a class project for a philosophy seminar entitled "Feminism and Revolution," Epstein and seven other women wrote and produced a play called You Laughin The play was a "35 minute series of skits designed to focus on feelings and perceptions of Dartmouth women. Labels: 20th CenturyDartmouth History. Wednesday, April 1, Early Readers. Until quite recently, one of the first texts that many children would have learned to read was the Lord's Prayer.

A child learning to read in eighteenth-century England might have encountered the Lord's Prayer in a hornbook, a durable primer containing a single sheet of text backed with wood and covered with a thin, transparent sheet of animal horn or mica.

This hornbook from our collection devotes nearly half its page to the text of the Lord's Prayer. In the second quarter of the sixteenth century, a young girl in the French royal family also owned a pocket-sized copy of the Lord's Prayer. Her delicately illuminated book of hours has some unusual additions - the Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, and Credo are all copied out in a large, legible hand on the first three pages of the volume. Every adult would have memorized these fundamental texts long ago, but a young girl just learning to read and write would certainly have appreciated this admittedly lavish cheat-sheet.

Russell Larmon papers

Labels: 16th Century18th CenturyReligion. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.To cite this item, please refer to the style manual you are using for the rest of your work. The following elements may be needed for your citation. Have questions? Email Us. To request copies, please use the information above and refer to our request forms, policies, and pricing guidelines.

Some digital objects can be downloaded directly, but please contact us for information about items that are not available or for which you might need a higher resolution format. Skip to main content. Josiah Bartlett papers MS The papers of Josiah Bartlett contain correspondence, lists, proclamations, notifications and clippings. The material covers Bartlett's involvement as a delegate to the Continental Congress, member of the N.

Assembly, and his role as Governor of New Hampshire. Subjects covered include the Declaration of Independence, the U. Constitution, the state of affairs in Europe, and troop enlistment and logistics. One letter from his son Ezra is also included. Conditions Governing Access Unrestricted. Additional Description. Overview Josiah Bartlettstatesman and governor of New Hampshire. The collection consists of private and public papers relating to his involvement in the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, the U.

Genealogy: Rauner Special Collections Library

Constitution, the U. Related Names. Creator Bartlett, Josiah, Person. Repository Details. Reference dartmouth. Search Collection. To request this item, please visit or contact us.Rauner Library, housing our Special Collections, comprising the divisions of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Archives, maintains the Dartmouth College Library's extraordinary collection of rare and unique research materials. The College Archives maintains an exhaustive collection of documents, historical records and other sources pertaining to the history of the College, Hanover, other localities in the Upper Valley.

Items include official publications, letters, student publications, photographs and other iconography, and realia artifacts such as canes, hats, mugs, etc. Most resources in Rauner Library's Special Collections, including the extensive manuscripts collections, are listed in the Library's online catalog.

Research materials in Rauner Library do not circulate. Text and resources taken from the print edition of: Jaccaud, Robert D, comp. Hanover: Dartmouth College Library, Toggle navigation. Search this Guide Search. Genealogy: Rauner Special Collections Library This guide is highlights the most important indexes, tools, and resources for those doing genealogical research and family history. Although the Library does not support Genealogy, we do collect many resources for researching family histories.

Rauner Library Rauner Library, housing our Special Collections, comprising the divisions of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Archives, maintains the Dartmouth College Library's extraordinary collection of rare and unique research materials.

Chiefly notes recording headstone data from New Hampshire and Vermont cemeteries in the vicinity of Hanover, N. A substantial portion of the notes were taken by Gilman D. Frost and Arthur Chivers, former Dartmouth professors. Also includes records of the Dartmouth Cemetery and the Dartmouth Cemetery Association as well as maps, inscriptions, and sketches of headstones.

A collection of notebooks arranged by cemetery plot that is to be used in conjunction with a card file arranged by name of the deceased. Genealogical papers, [of Gilman D. Microfilm edition of Dr. Frost's correspondence regarding genealogical queries and his notes dealing with his research on the genealogy of Hanover families are also included.

For two very informative articles about Dr. Papers, [of Vernon A. Hood] by Vernon A.

rauner special collections library: 1/29/17

Vernon Hood was a tax collector, selectman and historian of Plainfield, New Hampshire. References to Plainfield and Cornish families are part of this unusual genealogical jewel. Sketches of the alumni of Dartmouth college, from the first graduation in l to the present time : with a brief history of the institution by George T. In addition to the Dartmouth College directories, which often contain useful biographical information, the Library owns a variety of alumni directories from other universities around the world.

Acknowledgement Text and resources taken from the print edition of: Jaccaud, Robert D, comp. Report a problem.

rauner special collections library: 1/29/17

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