Kimber ultra carry ll 9mm

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kimber ultra carry ll 9mm

I got my firsta full-sized Government Model, in. It was on my second solo trip down to Kentucky, that one of my cousins took me to a fellow who bought and sold firearms. No FFL paperwork was required at that time. I found a Government Model in. My first, but not lastwas mine.

kimber ultra carry ll 9mm

For those new to firearms, or to thejust a little bit of history on it: It was adopted in — and was designed by John Moses Browning. He is still a legend, when it comes to many of his gun designs. And, to this day, there is still controversy over the 9mm replacing the. And, also to this day, there are still a few military units who use the — mostly SpecOps guys. They know a good thing when they see it. So, the is still the longest-serving handgun in US military history.

The number of variations? So I have found that my daily carry needs have changed. I used to love carrying full-sized handguns, especially the in. I was younger and dumber — but I loved carrying the police duty and during private security work. There was just something reassuring about that big old. The FBI is supposedly the lead law enforcement agency, when it comes to such things. Many local and state law enforcement agencies tend to copy whatever guns and ammo the FBI uses, for a number of reasons.

I know, I know, the FBI has done scientific research on this, and when it comes down to it, there are only a few points difference between the stopping power of the 9mm. We also have to keep in mind that, the FBI has been all over the board on this, from the. And they are now packing 9mm handguns, with jacketed hollow point JHP ammo. It had many of the bells and whistles that we owners wanted, right out of the box, including a match-grade barrel, extended single side combat safety, and a slightly extended mag release lever.

They also came with decent combat sights, and it was selling for about the same price that many other factory standard s were selling for, without all these features that Kimber offered. The Ultra Carry II Two-Tone I tested came in 9mm — I got it in a trade at my local gun shop some time ago, it just appealed to me, being a compactand chambered in 9mm. Weight of the Ultra Carry II is 25 ounces empty, and the magazine capacity is 8 rounds. This, while most other similar sized compact s only hold 6 or 7 rounds.

Still, that extra round or two was nice to have. The frame is brushed aluminum, and the slide is carbon steel, highly polished. The barrel is match-grade, stainless steel and fitted perfectly. Sights are low profile combat, easy to pick-up. I liked the beautiful Rosewood grips that are partially checkered and partially smooth. They make for a fast, no snag draw from under clothing. The trigger is match-grade, aluminum, three-hole, and the trigger pull was right at 4 pounds.

The hammer is a speed, combat-style hammer, and the main spring housing is checkered plastic. The front strap was left smooth, and I added a strip of friction tape to it — like I do that to most s for a better hold. The sights are all-black and I added a touch of orange finger nail polish to it, so it was faster for my aged eyes to pick up.Take their quality with you in the field during your hunt with their extensive line of Kimber Rifles and you're sure to be confident in your firearm.

The Classic Pistol Project had one goal - to create the finest production of all time. Kimber pistols would have the same quality, dependability and accuracy of those hand-built by custom pistolsmiths, but would sell for a price similar to a standard Colt or Springfield.

From forgings to pins and screws; Kimber manufactures, finishes and assembles in America. Today Kimber Classic Pistols are regarded by competition shooters and gun writers as the best production available.

Every other manufacturer is trying to catch up to Kimber or abandoning the market. Custom pistolsmiths now use Kimber parts as the platform for guns that cost several thousand dollars. It starts with parts. Early on the Kimber design team realized three parts determine the quality of a ; the frame, slide and barrel.

Machining them to closer tolerances and with greater part-to-part consistency than had been done before would ensure success. Ultra-tight tolerances would also eliminate the hand fitting required to make other brands accurate and dependable. Critical dimensions within the frame, slide, and barrel were analyzed and identified to be over one hundred in total. Kimber engineers developed a gauging system that inspected each dimension during manufacturing. These holes must be in exactly the right position as all other dimensions are completely dependent on them.

Ammo 7. Kimber Pistols For Sale. This item is currently out of stock. If you would like us to email you when it is back in stock, send along your email addressOnce you get it broken in, this is a great gun. Many new Kimber owners never make it past the break in period and complain about their weapon. This is an extremely well designed gun, with careful consideration given to the needs of people who will carry it concealed. The snag free design with easy to operate and reach controls make it an ideal concealed carry gun 5 stars.

Kimber Ultra Carry II Two-Tone 9mm by Pat Cascio

While expensive sometimes under a thousand dollars, more often over itthis gun is truly a semi-custom match grade You get what you pay for here. It requires a little bit of initial babying and caring for, after which it will perform beautifully.

It can be had in a variety of finishes, and is designed for the discerning gun owner who wants the utmost in quality and tradition for their carry pistol. But how does it stack out? The design is time honored and there is plenty of aftermarket support. But in a world full of high capacity polymer framed handguns, why should anyone bother with a metal framed with a less than ten round magazine capacity? That alone makes it desirable among many American shooters.

Plus it is an inherently safe design, as it requires the operation of two different safeties to fire. While the size and magazine capacity may be offputting to some, it is a fact that nothing sticks around in regular use for over a hundred years without something going for it.

In other words, our Kimber Ultra Carry II review will demonstrate that this gun is for pretty much anyone who wants a small, discrete handgun for regular carry, because it is ideally suited for exactly that kind of role.

Additionally, with magazines under 10 rounds, this gun is ideal for ownership and carry in states with magazine capacity restrictions. Several different premium quality finishes are usually offered, making sure that you can get exactly the look you want in a personal protection handgun.

Available in both 9mm and. When using modern ammunition, there is little practical difference in performance, but there is certainly nothing wrong with consumer choice! A special tool is required to hold the guide rod in place while the gun is stripped, and the heavy three inch bull barrel that Kimber uses in this gun is held in place without the traditional bushing assembly commonly used on the pistol.

However, field stripping is still relatively simple, and there is usually little reason to remove the barrel, guide rod or recoil spring assembly from the slide. Guns are built to varying levels of tolerances.

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The Kimber manual recommends shooting to rounds of. Use a standard grain or so 9mm ball ammo for 9mm models. During this break in period, your gun may experience malfunctions, such as jams, failures to cycle, feed or eject, or other problems.

This is normal, and to be expected, as the precision fitted parts of your Kimber work against each other to achieve a final, and reliable fit. You will need to lube and clean it on a regular basis.

kimber ultra carry ll 9mm

Some shooters do it after every shooting session, others go several hundred rounds between cleaning, or even just wait to see when accuracy starts dropping off. Do not over lubricate your gun, and wipe off any excess oil. Like anyit can be carried with a round in the chamber, and the hammer fully locked back, with the safety on. Also like anyit requires both the thumb and grip safety to be off before a round can be fired, making it one of the safest semi auto guns produced.Kimber is typically found at the low end of the high end makers of handguns.

The tolerances are tight, the lines of their guns are refined, and Kimber enjoys a reputation for quality that is well earned. Though handguns are typically heavier than their more modern counterparts, the Ultra Carry II is built on an aluminum frame, which helps carve some of the weight down. The Ultra Carry II also enjoys the weight reduction and aesthetics of a skeletonized hammer and trigger. The model I own is the two-tone variant, with a satin aluminum frame, black carbonized steel slide, and beautiful rosewood grip panels.

I have done no aftermarket work to the gun. Kimber s in particular are often touted as prone to jam, but I have often found that the largest thing these owners have in common is that they fail to break their pistols in. These guns are built to extremely tight tolerances, meaning that the frame and slide are very tightly put together.

This is why a break in period of approximately rounds is often recommended. My own Ultra Carry II was not immune to this. The beauty of a is that it is a narrow gun, and very unobtrusive to carry.

The weight is mitigated a bit by the aluminum frame, but it is still a solid weapon. With 8 total rounds on board, statistically you are prepared for most self defense scenarios, and magazines are extremely slim due to their single stack design, so slipping an extra magazine or two in your pocket is not very difficult. Shooting the Ultra Carry II is fun. If you predominately shoot striker fired handguns, such as Glocks, then the crisp, single action trigger will seem shockingly light and enjoyable.

Recoil is manageable, even with the very short barrel and aluminum frame, and the checkering on the backstrap helps anchor the gun. There is no checkering or texture on the front of the grip, below the trigger guard, and I believe the gun would really have benefited from some checkering there.

Accuracy with the Ultra Carry II is as you would expect from a higher end It most likely will not win you any bulls-eye matches with the short sight radius and somewhat slippery grip, but for defensive purposes I found the Ultra Carry II to be more than adequate.

I have also shot two coyotes with it, one of which was dropped in its tracks with only one shot. The other required a follow up. A few subjective negatives should be mentioned however. Also, I feel that if you buy one of these guns new, you need to be prepared to put about rounds through it to get it broken in.

Kimber Ultra carry II For Sale

Unfortunately, that is the price you pay for tight tolerances, and Kimber is not alone in this. If you are looking for a for strictly recreational purposes, I would recommend going with a full sized, or Commander sized model, rather than the Ultra Carry II.

However, if you want a for defensive purposes, in the timeless. As always, thank you so much for reading. Stay safe, and keep shooting.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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We are always looking for talented, driven people to join our team! Click here to see the latest job openings. Legal Information Click here for more our legal policies. Corporate Headquarters Kimber Mfg.Let's cut to the chase: The biggest issue with most factory s is that they tend to be unreliable out of the box and require break-in periods or massaging from a gunsmith to get them to run right.

This is the second Kimber that I've run hard in a year, and it's the second time that I've had a pistol run exactly like it should on initial usage. The first pistol was a Master Carry Pro in. That includes taking a Gunsite Laser Sight class. When I eventually had a malfunction with the pistol, a little lube helped it finish the day without a problem. I'm over 3, rounds now with no malfunctions and no cleaning.

I plan on cleaning it simply because it's so filthy that it's gross to touch, but it doesn't need it, per se. I generally dislike torture or endurance tests on handguns because they seem to exist only to amuse a few. Three thousand to 4, rounds of ammunition represent a considerable amount of training dollars to the average shooter, and blasting just to blast doesn't make sense with a gun that's meant to be carried for personal defense.

Is this the right gun for securing a landing zone in the middle of a sandstorm? Probably not. It's a great option if you're committed to the platform. There's never going to be a way to win the polymer-blaster-versus argument. I like both, I use both. They both have a well-deserved place in the holsters of prepared citizens and modern policeofficers.

There are realities, though, and the first one is that the takes more practice to operate effectively under stress. Don't shoot the messenger, that's just a fact. I helped develop the Patrol program for my department and have overseen hundreds of students transition to the The manual safety and grip safety both require extra work to master. On the flipside, because they require more work to master, many shooters are more dedicated to achieving a higher level of skill.

For an EDC option, the is generally slimmer than a striker gun of the same size, and with an alloy frame such as on the Pro Carry II, you get a metal pistol that weighs only 4 ounces more than a similar-sized Glock It's also important to realize that 4 ounces can add up over a lifetime of carrying, and the gives up six rounds to the Glock.

Kimber Ultra Carry II 9mm

Then there are the intangibles. Shooting well is more than the sum of sight alignment and a good press;sometimes the feel of the gun can make a shooter actually shoot better.Skip to main content of results for "holster for kimber ultra carry ii". Skip to main search results. Amazon Prime.

kimber ultra carry ll 9mm

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