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JW Library is an official app produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. It includes multiple Bible translations, as well as books and brochures for Bible study.

Highlight text in two new colors: Orange and Purple Play All and Shuffle from the Media tab Fixed an issue where audio was sometimes out-of-sync when watching a video Fixed several bugs, including some that were causing the app to crash. Me gusta todo. JW Library 11 brings the ability to download the audio and video so that I can use all of it even when not connected to the Internet. Add to that the new integration of the Research Guide so that I can find relevant information on thousands of scriptures.

This App keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work. We really appreciate it. Quickly find scriptures, has footnotes and marginal references in everyday English language, Easy to understand. Indispensable app for Bible study. Thanks for your hard work. I like it very much this is a nice application very useful to all and friendly user. Well, I had to change my review. I do love the meeting parts as well as the Study Bible and all that just shows up day after day.

I am blown away by the progress this app is making and doing for us servants of Jehovah. Thanks, I love you guys. Several Bible versions available for download in English only. Now very stable. Used to crash on first start.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Ministry Assistant Lost Pixels Productivity. Add to Wishlist.

A help for Jehovah's Witnesses in their field service to quickly take notes and stay organized.

jw ministry app

It's very easy to keep track of your territories, all your return visits, your service time for the month and plan your day or week of door to door ministry. Never forget a return visit again or be frustrated trying to find you paper notes!

NOTE: Please send suggestions by e-mail instead of leaving them in a comment, since I can't reply if I don't understand what you mean, and the suggestion will never be implemented!

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jw ministry app

Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. Ministry - Field Service Assistant. Daniele De Rosa. Ministry helps Jehovah's Witnesses organize their ministry. MYReport Field Service. Everything you need for your the ministery is free and without any advertising. Ministry field service report. Register your ministry service report, define hours goals for the month, year.

Philipp Hahn. The app for your ministry! JW Event. Jehovah's Witnesses. View information about International Conventions of Jehovah's Witnesses.It saves a lot of time. Anyone can learn to use in a just a few minutes! First Name.

Email Address. This results in duplicate work, duplicate lists, inconsistent schedules and much wasted time and effort. It is also harder to train new brothers. JW Scheduler solves all these problems. All Congregation, Member and Schedule information can be automatically and securely shared between any appointed brothers in your congregation.

Designed to be simple and uncomplicated. Anyone can learn to use in minutes. All Congregation, Member and Schedule data is fully encrypted and stored on your local computer. JW Scheduler can help organise and schedule practically everything in the congregation.

Now every elder can keep up-to-date with what's happening in the Congregation. Everyone can see the "Live" version at the same time. Elders are already so busy. Supports multiple languages.

Jehovah's Witnesses Ministry Supplies

Now available in nearly 30 languages! Then just maintain one list of Congregation publishers, shared with all approved appointed brothers. Mistakes are reduced. Reports and schedules look consistent. Training is quicker and easier. Everyone benefits!Cookies on Territory Helper. Territory Helper uses cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. We use cookies to provide you with a personalized experience and to recognize when you've signed in.

Sign Up. Sign in Email. Stay signed in. Having trouble signing in? Create congregation. Quickly and easily design, create and manage your congregation's territories. Get turn by turn directions to your territories, as well as other map services. Try it out! Territory Helper is a web application designed to help Jehovah's Witnesses with their congregations' territories.

Design, create, manage, graph and explore your congregation's territories. Interested in seeing a little of what Territory Helper can do? Go check out the live demo! Live Demo.

jw ministry app

Not everyone speaks the same language, nor can everyone speak more than one language. That's why multi-language support is essential to Territory Helper. We are looking for help to bring the application to your mother tounge!

Maybe you can lend a helping hand so others can use this application in your language? Lend a Hand. For desktopmobileor anything with a browser Whether you're at home, the kingdom hall, or even in the territory, Territory Helper can be used anywhere.

Ministry Assistant

Log Book development notes territoryhelper. Field Service Group Video The instructional video for creating and managing field service groups is released. Campaign Management Video The instructional video for campaign creation and management is released. Congregation Overview The congregation overview can now be downloaded as an image. Field Service Groups Implemented field service groups for campaign and territory assignments.

Heat Maps The heat maps now scale according to your dashboard statistical range. Territory Info Window The info window for territories now display the last returned record. Publisher Permissions Additional permission options were added to control if publishers can view unassigned territories and territories they do not have assigned to them.

Multiple Congregations Publisher accounts can now belong to many congregations. Emails no longer need to be unique system wide. Connectivity Monitor Users are informed of internet disconnections. Territory Helper is free to use for 30 days Create Congregation. Demo About Contact. Territory Helper is a web service for assisting those responsible for creating, managing and distributing territories.MyTime is useful for Jehovah's Witnesses allowing us to focus on the ministry by keeping organized notes.

MyTime keeps up with your calls, return visits, territories, literature placements, and field service time so that you don't have to, allowing you to have an accurate field service report. Started out just for using my time, then stared using for keeping my territory and NH straight then for my RV's.

Helps me be more organized. Just a note. Make sure to set up your backup settings. The application is outstanding! Those of us who use it should definitely make sure we support it with our donations. I would hate to ever have to go back to the manual timekeeping method! MyTime has spoiled me! It does everything I need it to do. In the meantime, I for one and very grateful for all that has been done to make this app available to us Thank you very, very much!

I love this app and use it in my ministry. Like some kind of alarm.

JW Ministry

For example, if I get an initial visit on Tuesday and write all the notes, to have in that same section an alarm that I can set to an specific date and time, or reminder, so at that date I will be reminded to make the revisit. Cause since they are all lined up and we have different territories sometimes one forgets to make the revisit. I guess is a neat idea to have some kind of alarm or reminder for it. Thanks for this amazing tool!!! Requires iOS 9.

jw ministry app

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. Description MyTime is useful for Jehovah's Witnesses allowing us to focus on the ministry by keeping organized notes. Sep 29, Version 3. Ratings and Reviews See All.

Information Seller Brent Priddy. Size Category Productivity. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Field Service Assistant. Bible Study Tool. My Field Ministry. Hourglass Time. Service Report NOTE: We will be uploading updates every 2 weeks!!! Thank you all! What's new in v5. When entering hours it gives an error message stating Error need to connect with Internet.

After verifying internet connection is on, attempted over and over with same results.

Ministry Planner

Purchased the JWi Pro to encounter same technical difficulty. Please help or refund my purchase! This app could be awesome with some minor tweaks. I like that making a report or return visit is pretty quick and easy. Apple most likely charges you to post this app so I can understand why you included adds to make up for the charges.

Plus it's not like you are offering spiritual food for a price, that would be bad, but this is a man made tool. It would be the same as if you made a general door to door app and charged the users for it. I commend those that go above and beyond to create tools like these for the furthering of the good news. Seems like a useful app, but I find it very offputting that there are ads.

It just doesn't sit right to think a brother is turning revenue from an app that one: is being presented as something representing Jehovah's organization, and two: should by all means be an ad-free hassle-free experience for the brothers and sisters using it.

It has the same feeling as the merchants in Jerusalem that sold the sacrificial animals at the temple, cheating the people. While we aren't paying to use the app, you still have financial gain from our usage, and that should have no place in brothers and sisters using the app to keep track of their service to Jehovah.

Please seriously consider removing the ads, then I'd be glad to use it. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Feb 15, Version 5. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Francisco Nunez. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English.

Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. My Ministry. My Tools Red JW Cronoweb.Our motto is "Individually Handcrafted -- Designed to last a lifetime. Using the best tools and and materials to provide you with supplies that you can use for years to come.

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Bookmarks, calendars, notebooks, and binders are just right for meetings, assemblies and conventions, and there are plenty of special items designed just for kids. Ministry Ideaz has just about everything you might need to fulfill your spiritual goals or helping a loved one do the same. Meeting Supplies everything to stay organized Just 4 kidz for our young brothers and sisters.

Ministry Supplies briefcases, folios, and service organizers Annual items notebooks, bookmarks, and more. Quality Handcrafted Design. Featured Products. Ideal for any age, and a great gift for any occasion! This beautiful embossed Bible cover is available in Bible grey only. It includes a zipper, two velvet page marker ribbons, and pockets on the inside. Or keep some for yourself and give the other of gifts. When you order the Circuit Assembly Bundle, you'll get: 10 x Ballpoint Pens five for each assembly theme 10 x Fun assembly pens for the young at heart five for each assembly theme 5 x Kids' Circuit Assembly Activity Books and 5 x Two-in-one circuit assembly notebooks.

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