Battlefield 5 script

The Prologue serves as a brief introduction to Battlefield V 's mechanics of infantry and vehicle combat, taking place on different fronts of World War II. The mission alludes to Battlefield 1 's prologue of Storm of Steel - directly in flashback, and indirectly in terms of structure, with your printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem player switching between many perspectives as an off-screen Narrator provides thematic commentary.

The chapter is mandatory to complete when starting the game for the first time in order to play multiplayer. On screen text implies that in the "deafening silence" that came with the end of the Great Warthe world was quick to forget its horrors.

The setting jumps ahead to the bombed-out city of London in As a military convoy drives past a statue of the Storm of Steel encounter, Neville Chamberlain's declaration of war on Germany is read on public radio.

At this time, the Narrator begins his monologue as a quick preview of the other War Stories is shown. The player gains control of an unnamed British paratrooper, airdropped in a small group near the loading dock at Narvik in The squad attacks German defenders in the train yard before advancing along the length of the dock. When approaching the first shelter, a Tiger I tank ploughs through the structure and fires, leaving the paratrooper and his squad's fate unknown as the screen fades to white.

Together with three other Panzer IV tanks, the player pushes through a small British armored force of StaghoundsShermans and captured Pak 40 guns. Passing by some ruins, the Tiger comes under fire from T34 Calliopes before indirect artillery targets the tank to undetermined effect.

Senegalese Free French Forcespresumably some of the same from Tirailleurwait to ambush a German mechanized column passing under a viaduct somewhere in Tunisia. The player takes command of a sniper overlooking the valley from high ground with an unnamed spotter, covering the advance of an assault element by picking off German survivors, taking cover in the nearby ruins. Fighters arrive and bomb the ground element, collapsing part of the viaduct in the process.

Coming back around, a Bf strafes the sniper nest. Both team members are killed by the strafe as the camera pans up into the sky. Control resumes as Yellow-Sevena Bf pilot on a bomber interdiction mission over Hamburg, Germany. He and his flight of three others engage a squadron of dozens of Blenheimsand several are shot down before Spitfire escorts arrive. After a short dogfight, Yellow-Seven is raked with fire from behind and is presumably shot down.

battlefield 5 script

In the last gameplay segment, the player is dropped into the role of an unnamed British machine gunner of defending the low ground in the vicinity of Nijmegen Bridge. With little warning, a V1 flying bomb drops in front of the position, mortally wounding the player and knocking them off their feet.Home Help Search Login Register.

I've been playing bf5 lately and party up with pretty much the same guys most of the time. I'm talking to buddy's about how they control recoil so good [ there using a controller ] they say the recoil isn't that bad on the gun at all but using the xim its bad.

I know the things to do to help control recoil, I just wondering if anyone knows why theres more recoil with xim apex? Balor Member Posts: Your friends are full of it. The recoil is the same on both how could it be greater on the xim? It is way easier to control recoil with a mouse. With so many guns and each one having a different specialization tree, each setup is going to be very different on the recoil.

You will get the feel of those weapons and naturally adapt your aim to compensate for the recoil. The way to constantly feel like you are fighting recoil in this game is to continually use different weapons and specializations. Just my 2 cents The difference is that to control recoil using a controller, you hold your thumb in place slightly offset from centre on the stick.

Input is constant when the sticks are not centred. When using a XIM, the mouse needs to constantly be moving to counter recoil because when it stops moving, it goes back to centre position the instant that there is no input. Firing a weapon without touching controller sticks or moving a mouse will result in exactly the same amount of recoil. Follow Twitter for live stream alerts. All antirecoil does is emulate the downwards pull of an analog stick at a predefined value, just like holding the stick on a controller.

It may be that the script is pinging antirecoil every 1ms at Hz vs every 8ms when XIM is set to Hz.

BFV No Recoil Script

Make sure you've got the deadzone compensation set correctly in the T2 script as the in-built resting position obfuscation on the XIM will stack with T2 antirecoil, which can cause erratic results obfuscation is randomised. Flick both analog sticks on the controller connected to the XIM Apex 20 or 30 times and take note of the highest number you see for left or right stick X or Y.

Punch that number in my case it's around 4. That will allow the antirecoil in the T2 script to function correctly. Oh you are using a T2 and an anti-recoil script This was never mentioned in the original post.

My first advice would have been to ditch that like a bad habit. I messed with that for a brief time, found it to be more trouble than it's worth. Much better control just doing it manually than trying to rely on a script.

battlefield 5 script

As mentioned in the other thread, it's the obfuscation code on Apex stacking with the anti-recoil.Want to join our dynamic team? This is a private community for registered Cronus Zen Owners only. You will find instructions, guides and other information in this section.

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Categories Discussions. January 30, PM. Hi there after the last update i have the Warning screen in my right Macro input detected my game froze for 5 sec and then i can go on for 15 sec and then froze again with the sama massage I have a Razer deathadder elite mous and i have uninstalled everything i dont have even macros instald. So please Help What can i do greetings Reamon. Reamon2 wrote: ». What can i do I have reinstall the game alson still the same: greetings Reamon.

This "Macro" detection seems to be terribly untested, there are a lot of people that have this issue now with different input devices.

I'm having the same issue using a Logitech MX5 but only when throwing grenades tied to mouse button 3, thumb.

battlefield 5 script

Never used a macro in my life, never will. Strangely enough, if I change to button 4 I don't get the message.

Weird stuff going on, but it's a good thing if they try to stop macro users. January 31, AM edited January Please don't curse or swear as per the BF Forum Rules!

Why did i even come back to play this game. January 31, AM. It might just needs some adjustments. Bit, rather some complaints about that then the macro abusers. Mysterythetiger wrote: ». Both devices come with macro capability, but I had no issues at all yesterday, either on my laptop or desktop. I've made significant changes to the default mapping, but I haven't made any macros. MachoFantast1c0 wrote: ». January 31, PM. I have a naga and i bind G grenade to one of the side buttons of teh mouse IG-Calibre wrote: ».

January 31, PM edited January Than its running without Makro-Input. I got this with a standard microsoft mouse. It happened when a pressed 4 to switch to a grenade on my keyboard. February 1, AM. I can not put in words what this goddamn patch means to me. I have a disability that disallows me to use some of my fingers, therefore I use macros to be even able to play this game.

Not a single macro is working anymore.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Categories Discussions. March 4, AM. I have had it with the rampant hacking and cheating a modding that is taking place in this game on xbox.

There is a massive problem with people using modded controllers to make all weapons automatic. And there is also a problem with people teleporting around the map right behind somone then teleport away. I want EA to do something about this cause many of my friends have stopped playing because of this. I for one support a lifetime ban for cheating upon the first confirmed offense. As well as console and ip bans right away. Make it harder for them to afford hacking.

March 4, AM edited March Fleeger21 wrote: ». March 4, PM. I can fire assault rifles insanely fast and it even creates a stutter because of the rof limiter. If ypu go into xbox one settings you can actually remap the rt to the rb if you want to compete with them.

Cronus Community

The disappearing reappearing sounds like lag and maybe your ping or the person ping should be checked. The xbox one has multiple layers of security so I doubt you have any actually hackers in game.

Controller mod scripts doesnt really gibe anyone a huge advantage seeing as though guns have rof limit and recoil can be learned for each gun just using playtime.

If you get fustrated with xbox one try pc and then you will see what real hackers are when they have the lewis gun shooting people dead in seconds of spawn i one shot. That seems a whole lot more damaging to me than Gary from Pittsburgh who uses a modded controller to maintain his. March 5, AM. I'm going to give you a perspective from the other side and this isn't to big note myself but hopefully help you understand what it's like being on the other end of a ' hackusation '. I've been on Xbox for over 6 years, in all that time I was never accused of hacking, unsportsmanship, etc and still to this date have a perfect reputation score with Xbox.

Between December 20th - January 11th I was reported times for hacking and 65 times for unsporting behavior, this caused me to come home and be greeted with a screen telling me my account was temporarily disabled by the xbox enforcement team while they investigated my account for potential hacking. I then had to log into my account on the computer and spend over 30 mins on a back and forth chat with Microsoft to have my account reactivated. I will openly admit I am garbage on the ground and my 1.

I use a standard xbox one controller that I got with the console and have just put in the time and effort to get good at flying, so why should I have to go through all that trouble just because I chose to get better at something than someone else?

On the ground I seemingly get instakilled by people but I can admit I'm just not that good and these people know better tactics to drop me, just as I know the better tactics in the air to drop them. You will always be better than someone else and someone else will always be better than you, that's just reality. This is Xbox not PC and while hacking is possible its not probable. You might consider modded controllers cheating but it's not the same as hacking, as you still have the chance to kill them.

Nobody has the ability to run un signed code on the Xbox one.Register Log In. Code examples, questions, requests. I originally purchased the T2 because my main was BF1 and we had some awesome scripts on T2. ConsoleTuner Support Team. Re: Battlefield V by Bleak » Mon Nov 19, pm I've tried using some of the CoD ones but they do crazy things, switch weapons constantly, stop shooting etc I've looked at some of the just general FPS ones but they confuse the crap out of me.

Just looking for something really simple to use yet effective like WildcatFan's CoD scripts. Re: Battlefield V by bonefisher » Mon Nov 19, pm Bleak wrote: I've tried using some of the CoD ones but they do crazy things, switch weapons constantly, stop shooting etc Re: Battlefield V by Bleak » Mon Nov 19, pm bonefisher wrote: Bleak wrote: I've tried using some of the CoD ones but they do crazy things, switch weapons constantly, stop shooting etc How do you want anti-recoil to be adjusted? I'd like to see if something can be done with aim assist, not sure if thats possible.

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